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Physics 103
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Fall 2017

This course will be an introduction to modern atomic and molecular physics. Topics include: resonance phenomena, atomic/molecular structure, and the interaction of atoms/molecules with static and oscillating electromagnetic fields; techniques such as laser cooling/trapping and precision measurement; applications to contemporary research such as atomic clocks, searches for fundamental symmetry violations, and synthetic quantum matter, and other research occurring right here at Caltech.  A more detailed course outline can be found below.

Instructor: Nick Hutzler.  Email hutzler(at)caltech.edu with any questions, or if you would like to learn more.

Prerequisites: Graduate quantum mechanics (such as Ph 125), or instructor's permission.

Lectures are MWF 9-10 AM in Downs 103.  I will bring coffee.

The official course website is hosted on Moodle (Caltech access only.)