Group Photo, Fall 2018
Left to right: Camilla, Yuiki, Ashay, Arian, Nick P, Alicia, Yi, Nick H, Claire, Emily.  Not pictured: David

   All email addresses are at

Nick Hutzler

Assistant Professor of Physics
128 Bridge Annex
email: hutzler

About me

Cherie Capri

Administrative assistant
127 Bridge Annex
email: ccapri

Marlene Fouche

Grant manager
356 Downs-Lauritsen
email: marlene@hep

Arian Jadbabaie

Graduate student
email: ajadbaba

Jackie Lodman
Undergraduate student
Ashay Patel
Graduate student
email: appatel
blog: Quantum Gossamers

Nick Pilgram

Graduate student
email: npilgram
David Shlivko
Undergraduate student
The Aerospace Corporation SURF Fellow, 2018
Emily Thierstein
Undergraduate student
SURF, 2018

Alicia Tirone

Undergraduate student
email: atirone
Yi Zeng
Graduate student
email: yzeng



There are openings at all levels (undergrad, masters, grad, postdoc), and a lot of fun stuff to do.  Get in touch if you are interested!

   And now their watch has ended
 Camilla Ora
Undergraduate student
Caltech Associates SURF Fellow, 2018
Yuiki Takahashi
Visiting undergraduate student, 2018
Kyoto University
Claire Segura
Visiting undergraduate student
Southern California Edison WAVE Fellow, 2018
Oberlin College
Avikar Periwal
Undergraduate student, 2017-2018
--> Stanford, for graduate school in physics
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