Group Photo, Summer 2018
Left to right: Priscilla, Gabby, David, Claire, Camilla, Arian, Nick H, Emily, Nick P
Not pictured: Jacob, Toros

   All email addresses are at

Nick Hutzler

Assistant Professor of Physics
128 Bridge Annex
email: hutzler

About me

Cherie Capri

Administrative assistant
127 Bridge Annex
email: ccapri

Marlene Fouche

Grant manager
356 Downs-Lauritsen
email: marlene@hep

Arian Jadbabaie

Graduate student
email: ajadbaba

Camilla Ora
SURF student
Caltech Associates SURF Fellow

Nick Pilgram

Graduate student
email: npilgram
Claire Segura
Southern California Edison WAVE Fellow
Oberlin College
David Shlivko
SURF student
The Aerospace Corporation SURF Fellow
Emily Thierstein
SURF student

Alicia Tirone

Undergraduate student
email: atirone



There are openings at all levels (undergrad, masters, grad, postdoc), and a lot of fun stuff to do.  Get in touch if you are interested!

   And now their watch has ended
Avikar Periwal
Undergraduate student, 2017-2018
--> Stanford, for graduate school in physics
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