Group Photos

This page has old group photos. The most recent group photo can be found on the People page.

Virtual Group Photo, Summer 2020

Group Dinner, February 2020

Seated, left to right: Camilla, Emily S, Phelan, David, Chandler, Arian, Nick H

Standing, left to right: Yi, Ashay, Yuiki, Victoria, Adrian, Gabriel, Emily T, Jackie

Group Photo, Summer 2019

Left to right: Xiaoqi, Ashay, Megan, Liam, Arian, Nick P, Nick H, Jacqie, Joshua, Alicia, Emily, Tashanda, Yi. Not pictured: Gabriel, Garrett

Group Photo, Fall 2018

Left to right: Camilla, Yuiki, Ashay, Arian, Nick P, Alicia, Yi, Nick H, Claire, Emily.

Not pictured: David

Group Photo, Summer 2018

Left to right: Priscilla, Gabby, David, Claire, Camilla, Arian, Nick H, Emily, Nick P

Not pictured: Jacob, Toros, Alicia