Group Photos

This page has old group photos.  The most recent group photo can be found on the People page.

Hutzler Lab, Summer 2023
Standing: Daniel, Phelan, Yi, Nick, Chandler
Sitting: Ashay, Arian, Madison, Taz, Adele
Hovering: Tim, Chi, Yuiki

Hutzler Lab, Fall 2022
Back: Nick, Daniel, Yuiki, Chandler
Middle: Tim, Yi, Chi, Phelan, Zitian
Front: Madison, Ashay, Adele, Nachiket

Group Photo, Fall 2021

Back: Nick P, Yi, Tim, Adrian, Nick H, Phelan, Yuiki

Front: Tracy, Victoria, Kat, Emily T, Ashay, Chandler, Arian

Not pictured: Crystal, Emily P, Gavin

Group Photo, Summer 2021

Standing, left to right: Kat, Yi, Emily, Adrian, Ashay, Chandler, Nick H.

Sitting, left to right: Victoria, Phelan, Nick P, Arian

Not pictured: Gavin McCabe, Yuiki Takahashi

Virtual Group Photo, Summer 2020

Group Dinner, February 2020

Seated, left to right: Camilla, Emily S, Phelan, David, Chandler, Arian, Nick H

Standing, left to right: Yi, Ashay, Yuiki, Victoria, Adrian, Gabriel, Emily T, Jackie

Group Photo, Summer 2019

Left to right: Xiaoqi, Ashay, Megan, Liam, Arian, Nick P, Nick H, Jacqie, Joshua, Alicia, Emily, Tashanda, Yi.  Not pictured: Gabriel, Garrett

Group Photo, Fall 2018

Left to right: Camilla, Yuiki, Ashay, Arian, Nick P, Alicia, Yi, Nick H, Claire, Emily.

Not pictured: David

Group Photo, Summer 2018

Left to right: Priscilla, Gabby, David, Claire, Camilla, Arian, Nick H, Emily, Nick P

Not pictured: Jacob, Toros, Alicia