Current Courses

Ph 137a - Atoms and Photons

Ph 107 - Classical and Laser Optics

Ph 177 - Advanced Experimental Physics

Topical lectures at schools, workshops, etc:

Tri-Institute Summer School on Elementary Particles (TRISEP) 2022 - Searches for Fundamental Symmetry Violations with Atoms and Molecules

ITAMP/B2 Winter School 2023 - Laser Cooling and Precision Measurements in Molecules

CIQC/IPAM Winter School in Quantum Information Science - Optical Cycling Centers in Molecules

Remote Teaching Resources

A digital whiteboard teaching demo using OneNote was posted on YouTube as part of the Caltech Adaptable Teaching Series.

You can also click here to view some notes about how to use OneNote as a digital whiteboard for teaching.  Some of the specifics are tailored to Caltech, but hopefully the notes are easily applied elsewhere.  Watch the video above for a description of the advantages of this approach, but a primary advantage is the ability to have all the notes be viewable in a browser window in real time.  In other words, students can "scroll back" and see what you wrote a few minutes ago.

Using OneNote for Digital Whiteboarding

Previous Courses

Ph 106c - Topics in Classical Physics - Electrodynamics

Ph 103 - Atomic and Molecular Physics