Radioactive Molecules Meetup 2022

Satellite Meeting at DAMOP 2022 - New Opportunities for Fundamental Physics with Radioactive Molecules

5:00 PM–8:00 PM, Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Room: Grand Ballroom A

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Molecules containing heavy, short-lived, radioactive nuclei are predicted to provide unprecedented and exciting new opportunities for fundamental physics, nuclear science, precision measurement, astrophysics, chemistry, and more. This satellite meeting, which is a continuation of the 2021 "New Opportunities for Fundamental Physics Research with Radioactive Molecules" virtual workshop, invites theoreticians and experimentalists working in spectroscopy, atomic and molecular structure, nuclear physics, precision measurement, radioactive beam science, and related areas, in order to propose new ideas and establish new collaborations to advance this emerging and exciting field of research. An informal networking event will be held for those who are interested in meeting others in the field, and a presentation (which will be live-streamed) will give an overview of the field and discuss recent developments.

If you are interested in giving an update during the presentation, please contact Nick Hutzler.

This meeting is supported by a Fundamental Physics Innovation Award from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in conjunction with the APS.

Tentative schedule:

5:00 Coffee, light snacks open

5:30 Main food opens

6:00 Presentation starts

6:30 Presentation ends, Discussion /Q&A continue

7:00 Food ends

8:00 Event concludes